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Granada and Scorpio Online (GSO) is a privately owned and operated website and public resource. Any references to the Granada Enthusiasts' Club of Great Britain within this site and forums are because the majority of 'online' members democratically voted to pursue their interest in Granada and Scorpio with GSO. GSO was formed in 2002 and in August 2004 the final migration from the Enthusiasts site and name changes were made.


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We have permission to reproduce many articles that are currently under the copyright of the Ford Motor Company. Special permission was granted to use the word Ford Granada, Ford Scorpio and to use the Ford logo. There is also written permission for GSO to reproduce technical literature that has been out of print for 10 years or more.


Please respect that many members have spent their time acquiring this information for all of us to use.


Whilst we can uphold the copyright on the main site we must advise you that using copyright material where permission is not granted does violate strict rules. GSO is not held responsible for articles show within the Online Forums that may be infringe copyright law.


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